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Welcome to the Iowa Division of the IAI!

The Iowa IAI was formed in 1963 as the 6th state chapter of the parent body – International Association for Identification.  We are proud to present our newly designed website as a resource for the study of law enforcement forensics. Here you will find links to trainings, job postings, certification information, awards, conferences and other additional resources.  As you browse our website, it is our hope that you will gain a strong appreciation for such scientific disciplines as fingerprints, photography, footwear, DNA, and more. Our site contains over 300 articles and links from around the world, and we thank all of them for their fine work. We are especially pleased that many of the articles in the categories listed above were authored by Iowa I.A.I. members. If you would like to contribute to our website, please contact our editor at: editor@iowaiai.org . The Iowa I.A.I. has always strived to become more diverse, with members from a broad range of experience in forensic science. If you’re interested in becoming a member, please apply through our site. It’s a great place to continue your education, ask questions with your peers and meet others in your field of work.

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The Iowa IAI is please to announce the following vendor sponsorships. Please visit these vendors under Forensic Links to see what exciting things they have to offer: